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BC MarketSafe Online Course
Designed for those that sell their wares at farmer¹s markets, farm gates or other temporary food markets, this course teaches the awareness and knowledge to run a successful vendor table.

You can check out our Information Page for more details and the Registration link to take the course.

New AB Director & Seed Trade Rep
We would like to welcome two new director's to the PRFSA board of director's:
John Mycek, AB Grower
Rob Lyons, Seed Trade Rep
Thank you to our outgoing board members, Danny Friesen and Todd Smith, for your support and committment to the association.

Peace Forage Seeding Tool
Based off of the BC Rangeland Seeding Manual published in 2013, this new online tool goes through an interactive decision making process to help users select forage species to seed, create seed mixtures with a seed mix calculator and even connect with seed suppliers! The development of the tool is spearheaded by the Peace River Forage Association of BC but AB & BC levy grower dollars were put towards creating links between users and seed suppliers!
Check out the tool and it's progress here.

Forage Seed Canada Update
Forage Seed Canada has recently released a position statement regarding GE Alfalfa and GE Forage Seeds. See their official statement here.

Forest Seed Events Photo Gallery

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Events & News

  • Summer Tour 2015 Nicole Anderson Summer Tour 2015 Nicole Anderson Nicole Anderson from OSU discusses her research on growth regulators
  • Summer Tour 2015 CrossSlot Summer Tour 2015 CrossSlot Growers getting to see how it works first hand
  • Summer Tour 2015 CrossSlot Summer Tour 2015 CrossSlot Cliff Washington explains the mechanics of the zero till drill
  • Summer Tour 2015 Summer Tour 2015

New Fall 2015 Market Update!
Dave Wong, retired Market Specialist with Alberta Agriculture, compiles market updates for grass and legume seed prices. These can be found at the left hand side of the Markets page under the heading Current Market Prices. The PRFSA has contracted Dave to compile another round of market updates. Since October 2014 he has completed:

New Research Publications & Links!
Posters and publications that were presented at the 2014 & 2015 Annual General Meetings by researchers & advisors have been added to the research page. See the list below:

There has also been new information added to the Relevant Publications page:

Surface Rights, Land & Energy: Pricing Transparency Mapping
The FAO in Alberta is collecting surface lease, transmission line, seismic, and pipeline right-of-way agreements from landowners to create four interactive maps with information on projects and the compensation values paid to landowners. By providing a starting point for negotiations, the maps will be a valuable resource for Alberta landowners. The maps will be launched in Fall 2015, and updated on a continuous basis as agreements are received.
The Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO) is seeking pipeline right-of-way and seismic agreements no older that 2011, and surface lease and transmission line agreements no older than 2010. Landowners can send copies of their surface lease, transmission line, seismic, and pipeline right-of-way agreements to:

Farmers' Advocate Office
Attn: Jeana Les
J.G. O'Donoghue Building 305, 7000 - 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 5T6
Fax: 780-427-3913
Email: jeana.les@gov.ab.ca

Pest Monitoring Updates
During the growing season, consider accessing two resources supported by grower associations and commissions on the prairies: 

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